We know that today consumers are deeply concerned about how their health care is managed, administered and priced. They are frustrated with the expensive, high-tech, disease-treatment approach predominant in modern medicine. The consumer is seeking complementary or alternative beneficial products. More and more individuals are finding their answers in nutraceutical products. Nutraceuticals and functional foods are food components that provide demonstrated physiological benefits or reduce the risk of chronic disease, above and beyond their basic nutritional functions. A functional food, is similar to a conventional food, while a nutraceutical is an isolated from of food and sold in dosage form, in both cases the active components occur naturally in the food.

Hippocrates was quoted nearly 2,500 years ago remarking, "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food". A growing population educated in the positive results of nutraceuticals, has fueled the fast-paced growth of the nutraceutical industry overall. People have begun to look at food and supplements not only for basic nutrition, but also for health benefits. New Life is dedicated to the multidisciplinary research, education and communication focused on the identification of safe and efficacious supplements and other physiologically active natural products which may reduce chronic disease risk, reduce weight or promote optimal health.